Late night thoughts on being “stuck”

You know, sometimes I just get really tired of the way people act like they have to be stuck in a certain way of life.  Guys listen, I know getting out of a job you’re miserable in his hard, or finding a way to get out of an abusive situation can almost seem impossible, or just any number of somethings that make you feel stuck.  Believe me I get that, and sometimes you might not see the avenues in which to get out but I firmly believe they are THERE.  The problem is people are too afraid, or maybe too comfortable to take that first step.  Maybe they’ve tried and failed and feel like that means there’s nothing.  Maybe you think trying something isn’t practical and will just end up making you worse off than you are already.  But guys seriously, if nothing else has worked so far…maybe what you NEED to do, is take a leap of faith.  Maybe you need to do that thing that scares you most, like talk to someone about a situation you’re in, maybe that means you need to quit a crappy job and search for something new, maybe you just need to stand up for yourself against someone with more authority than you.  Maybe you need to take out those student loans and go to or back to school, or maybe you just need to move out.  Whatever the case may be, maybe, just maybe you need to take that leap of faith and try something different to make life better for yourself.  Oh sometimes you may fall, and it might very well suck, but you might not even realize the path you’ve started yourself on is something better than the one you’ve left.  Don’t let “practicality”, “responsibility”, or “duty” keep you from doing what you think is right for you.  We honestly both know those are just rationalizations, ways to convince yourself to stay where it’s “comfortable” or “practical”.

I’m hardly wise guys, I’m hardly some authority on life.  I’m just a 23 year old student who might have lived more experiences in life than you think.  Just because I’m positive in attitude doesn’t mean I haven’t been through things or understand that sometimes good people fall hard.  I’ve seen that more times than I can count.  But I’ve also weathered my share of storms and seen the lights that shine through them.  I’ve taken my own leaps of faith, fallen hard, but then found what I was looking for in the end, or something even better.  I’m probably still in the processes of falling from some of those leaps, but it’s not going to stop me from taking more and seeing where they lead.  I don’t want to go through life doing something or being something I hate, if the risk of pain and entering the unknown is what it takes to get where I need to be happy, I’ll do it time and time again.

I will always have hope.

Also I do apologize if this is a little darker than usual, rambly.  I’m stewing from a night at work and have been dealing with my own anxieties lately and I may have had a coffee at work when I never drink coffee xD But I felt this was an appropriate follow up to my journal from the end of last winter about being stuck.


That time again

Oh boy happy days are here, or rather school has begun again.  For this fall semester I’ve elected to only give myself Physics and Organic Chemistry to retake…because one I had to drop and the other I failed/barely passed with a D/understood nothing all semester.  Hahaha….so yeah I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a teeny bit terrified of how this semester is going to shape up.  BUT if Calc last semester has taught me anything, it’s that extra credit saves my butt-no wait that’s not it!  It’s that practice problems and dedication CAN get me through some of the classes I dread the most.  I mean I spent years being terrified of the idea of Calculus and I passed that sucker with a B! I really cracked down and dedicated the later part of the semester to practice problems and that got me through.  So I’d like to think I can take the same approach with Physics especially.  Though I want to get a much earlier jump on things.  Organic Chemistry is still a bit up in the air right now so my plan of attack is more vague, but again I know I need to dedicate myself to memorizing certain things ahead of time so I can make it through.


Wish me luck guys!  And here’s to you all getting through the things that terrify you this fall!  Make a plan of attack and stick to it, we can do it!  Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from reaching your goals guys, I have all the faith in the world in all of you!  No matter what your challenge is, big or small, don’t ever count yourself out.  I know sometimes it hurts when you’ve worked really hard and things don’t quite work out, but that doesn’t mean they never will!  Keep at it, keep fighting!  Because even if things don’t work out perfectly the first time, I guarantee you’ll learn something valuable for the next 🙂 

New year: you CAN do it

So I thought it’d be appropriate that my first actual encouragement blog would come right at the new year.  I know so often people hold on to the ideal of the new year for a little while and then it just sort of fizzles out, there’s talk of change and resolutions, but probably to a lot of people it seems artificial because so much is never followed through with.  But guys I truly, honestly believe and will tell you that if you want to change, if you want to do something starting here with the new year, you CAN do it.  It’s not going to be easy, it will probably take a long time, probably longer than a year, you’ll suffer set backs, and people who will probably tell you to give in on your goal.  Heck one of those people might even be you.  But you can do it.  You can push on.  Every time you get set back you push yourself right back up and keep going.  Guys even when you don’t believe in yourselves, someone out there still will.  If you don’t have someone like that I’LL be that someone.  I’ll hang on to that hope for you, and cheer you on as you push through this new year and toward your goals.  If you want to lose weight then keep working towards it, don’t lose faith if/when you gain it back, or part of it, keep working on it and it’ll happen, don’t give up.  If you want a new job then keep applying to anywhere you possibly can that you’d think suitable, even if you don’t get the jobs, keep going guys because eventually the odds will be in your favor.  Want to be a better artist?  Then set some goals this year and work towards them!  Don’t be put out if you don’t see improvement right away, everyone improves at their own pace, and sometimes we hit a slump, but if we keep pushing ourselves we can be amazed at the results!  This applies to anything you’re trying to work toward guys.  I know I know, this is kind of corny, but it’s true, if you want to do something you HAVE to work towards it, and if you do you’re going to have a lot more success at achieving things than if you sit and sulk and tell yourself it’s never going to happen.

It’s a new year, at least use the mentality of a fresh start to your advantage 🙂 set yourself up a plan. Don’t start with big huge goals and changes, start small.  Make a list of small things you want to accomplish over the year that will build up to your larger goals.  And guys this is the big one, support the people around you in their goals, and keep people around you that will support you in turn.  

So to start…how about we chat about what we’d like to accomplish?  Overall personally I would very much like to begin work on a novel this year.  I’ve said it in many years past but never done it, so I think 2014 is the year for it.  So this year I am going to set for myself the goal of A.) decide on which story I actually want to write.  And B) at the very least outline said novel plot and the characters involved.

So take some time and think about what small goals you guys could use to accomplish your goals and if you feel like, share what ones you’d like to accomplish this year!  I believe in you guys, I know you can do it, no matter what it is!

Starting up

Hi all!  I’m just getting around to setting everything up here so bare with me as this blog goes through some construction and I try to find my way around.  But I’ll share a little bit about what I intend this blog to be, though first I should go through the basic introduction shouldn’t I?

As a general rule I go by my nickname Kit, I’m a stressed out college student on her fifth year, with the goal to make it to Veterinary school.  I spend my weekends working at an emergency Vet clinic as what amounts to a glorified janitor and love every minute of it.  I by no means think of myself as the smartest student (quite the opposite most days) but I have a passion for animals and want to spend my life taking care of them and being around them.  I also have a passion for encouraging people, wanting them to see the best in themselves and to strive for their goals right alongside me.  I love to read fantasy novels, watch anime, read comics, and play video games, so yes I am in fact a nerd/geek/whatever label you want to stick there, and yes I’ve even cosplayed (my readers will get to see pictures of my various costumes). I am also a writer and amateur artist and I love to talk about characters!  

But as we go you guys will learn more about me so let us move on to the point of all of this! My nice shiny new blog 🙂 My intent for this blog is fairly loose and disorganized right now, it will be a place I’ll use for posting doodles and discussing my characters, talking about school and the highs and lows of it, talking about the things I love to read/watch, and just life in general.  However on what I would like to be a monthly or bi-monthly basis I’d like to write an encouragement blog entry.  This will be a more focused, more serious post with words of encouragement for various things I’ve been through, or have seen people go through.  This could be anything from school and family, to dealing with friends who self injure or major life changes.

I’d also very much like this blog to be as interactive as possible, I want to have discussions, to talk to people and let you guys tell me what you want encouragement in, or what you’d like to hear next about! As I get more set up I’ll be posting a list of what I’d like to be my upcoming blogs, but suggestions are happily welcomed.  Keep in mind though I can really only talk about things I know so I can’t really talk about a specific anime or book if I haven’t watch or read, but if you’d like to hear more about what I like to read/watch THAT I can do 🙂