Youmacon 2014  I’m actually going to be lazy today and just leave a link to my journal on DA for this one, because I inserted pictures and dont want to have to redo that XD

Suffice it to say Youmacon 2014 was amazing, and largely because I got to see some of my closest online friends face to face.  Don’t ever let someone tell you that online friendships can’t be real, the fondness and love you feel for people is no less real just because there is distance between you and you have to use a computer to communicate.  Getting to see them in person just becomes all the more special because it’s like a special treat 🙂 and so very much worth the four year wait I had to meet these people.  So if you have really close online friends, don’t despair, they really are your friends and maybe one day you’ll get to meet them too ^^ (of course as always be sure you are careful about WHO you meet and talk to online ect ect yadda yadda, but I think you guys have good judgement about who and where you would meet people xD )


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