Late night thoughts on being “stuck”

You know, sometimes I just get really tired of the way people act like they have to be stuck in a certain way of life.  Guys listen, I know getting out of a job you’re miserable in his hard, or finding a way to get out of an abusive situation can almost seem impossible, or just any number of somethings that make you feel stuck.  Believe me I get that, and sometimes you might not see the avenues in which to get out but I firmly believe they are THERE.  The problem is people are too afraid, or maybe too comfortable to take that first step.  Maybe they’ve tried and failed and feel like that means there’s nothing.  Maybe you think trying something isn’t practical and will just end up making you worse off than you are already.  But guys seriously, if nothing else has worked so far…maybe what you NEED to do, is take a leap of faith.  Maybe you need to do that thing that scares you most, like talk to someone about a situation you’re in, maybe that means you need to quit a crappy job and search for something new, maybe you just need to stand up for yourself against someone with more authority than you.  Maybe you need to take out those student loans and go to or back to school, or maybe you just need to move out.  Whatever the case may be, maybe, just maybe you need to take that leap of faith and try something different to make life better for yourself.  Oh sometimes you may fall, and it might very well suck, but you might not even realize the path you’ve started yourself on is something better than the one you’ve left.  Don’t let “practicality”, “responsibility”, or “duty” keep you from doing what you think is right for you.  We honestly both know those are just rationalizations, ways to convince yourself to stay where it’s “comfortable” or “practical”.

I’m hardly wise guys, I’m hardly some authority on life.  I’m just a 23 year old student who might have lived more experiences in life than you think.  Just because I’m positive in attitude doesn’t mean I haven’t been through things or understand that sometimes good people fall hard.  I’ve seen that more times than I can count.  But I’ve also weathered my share of storms and seen the lights that shine through them.  I’ve taken my own leaps of faith, fallen hard, but then found what I was looking for in the end, or something even better.  I’m probably still in the processes of falling from some of those leaps, but it’s not going to stop me from taking more and seeing where they lead.  I don’t want to go through life doing something or being something I hate, if the risk of pain and entering the unknown is what it takes to get where I need to be happy, I’ll do it time and time again.

I will always have hope.

Also I do apologize if this is a little darker than usual, rambly.  I’m stewing from a night at work and have been dealing with my own anxieties lately and I may have had a coffee at work when I never drink coffee xD But I felt this was an appropriate follow up to my journal from the end of last winter about being stuck.


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