Distractions and directions for this blog

I know I keep jumping away from this blog in long pauses and then I keep coming back saying I’m going to be more active.  And I really am!  Hopefully once the school semester hits in another two weeks I’ll be able to blog a little more frequently (ironic since my free time dwindles during school).  There’s a couple of reasons I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted this summer, the first and foremost being….Distractions.  A lot of my free time this summer I have dedicated to reading and art projects that aren’t writing…I think because the only art I have TIME to produce during a school semester is writing, so I’ve been taking advantage of the time I’ve got.  Part of the reason I’ve put off blogging is because I actually am working on creating a list of my recommended reads.  Most recently my reading distractions have been books by Brandon Sanderson, who is an amazing world and character builder.  So far I’ve read his Mistborn trilogy and the sequel book to the trilogy.  All very good, if sometimes a bit dark, stuff.  But I’ll talk more about that when I finally finish that list.  My big art project this summer has been to improve my clay sculptures, and so I’ve been practicing with wire armatures/frames lately.

The second big reason I haven’t blogged as much is because a lot of what’s been coming to my mind has been…I guess you could say very rant based.  Now that’s not to say once in a while I won’t use this space to engage in a little rant ( In fact I’ve already done that once *cough* ) but for the most part I think the internet has enough of that.  There’s enough people running around ranting about things and calling the rest of the world idiots already.  Enough people to say everyone should hate something while another side raves that everyone should love it.  In short: there’s enough freaking negativity around the internet I don’t need to even accidentally add to it.  No I want this blog to be a force for positive thoughts, a place of encouragement, I want this blog to reflect one of the most important things in my life: Hope.  I want to use it to show people that it’s still possible to hope even in the darkest of times, that even if they can’t hope right now, someone out there can.  So I want to be able to banish those rants from my mind and write with a clear and positive mind…for the most part anyway xD when I’m not being random or just really need to get something off my chest.


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