New things?

Man A&W’s chilli seems oddly spicy today xD …what you all thought this was going to be some deep post didn’t you?

Ok ok I tease, I’m gonna get into just a couple other things here. My birthday is upcoming in two days time…boy it doesn’t seem like it should be so soon haha I’m going to be 23, what a weird feeling, I don’t FEEL 23…then again what does that feel like huh? Anyway truth be told there isn’t a lot that’s really new coming with this age. Come fall I’ll be taking two classes I took already (Yaaaay Organic chem and physics uggh ) and this summer I’m doing much the same I’d done last…but I guess with every turn of the year I like to feel a sense of…newness. A sense that even if things have been kind of rotten (which really they haven’t lately, but IF that were so) that another year onto my age means another chance to improve or change things I don’t like. So far I’ve been keeping up well with my daily rollerblading, so thats a plus 🙂 I now have a pattern of my very own to make fox plushies (Thank you awesome big sister!! ) so I’ll be having a new project to play with, and hopefully February will bring an adventure to visit a friend way on the other side of the U.S. So we have some old and some new, and despite my dread for my fall classes I look forward to the year of being 23, and that it might bring.