Get the summer going right this time

Well I’ve been on “summer break” for around a month and a half to two months now.  I do the quotes because I’ve been working through a summer class since about a week after my winter classes ended. I’m glad I did it, cuz this class is one of my requirements and it needed to be done but..uggh I’ve just been so burnt out, quite frankly and its been really hard for me to put a lot into this class.  It’s not even just that I’m burnt out I just…eh I don’t know a lot of the people in that class really grind on my nerves (Just a lot of impatient and negative people.) I imagine they’re probably just as burnt out as I am for for the love of my sanity please stop complaining that you want to get out of lab FIVE MINUTES INTO IT.  It’s a four hour lab, you knew that before you signed up :I But!  I have a week and a half left of this class and after that I’m two months free from school!  I’ve also just been struggling with a slight lack in motivation in writing and art, I’ve done sketching sure but I haven’t hardly finished much.  Because of the class I come home on Tuesdays and Thursdays exhausted, and weekends I work so I basically have three days out of the week free and usually those are taken up by other plans or homework.  

And honestly it hasn’t been anything intense but…I’ve been feeling a bit…I don’t know if you’d call it down, but just…meh.  Probably in part due to my lack of energy for creative things, and in part I think because I’ve just not been active on my days off.  I’ve been trying to find a form of activity that I can motivate myself easily to do outside for exercise with…rather minimal luck. Until today!  Oh my ever loving fish you guys, I’ve finally figured it out!!  I dug out an old pair of rollerblades from our garage and I forgot how much I loved it!  I got them out today, dusted them off and rolled on down the road with one of the dogs and I feel FANTASTIC!  I’ve been on a bit of an upswing with my motivation the past few days and with finally finding the right outdoor activity I really think this is a turn around for getting my summer back on the active track I wanted it to be.  I’m back on nights at work, picked up some extra holiday hours, rediscovered my love of rollerblading (Oh gosh I’m such a 90’s kid xDD ) and only got three more classes left of Ecology.  Let’s get things rolling (Hahaha I’m funny *shot* ) and do this summer right!  Summer’s a time of fun and being active and I’m gonna darn right make it so. 


Burning questions

Is it terrible that I eat icecream with those ribbons of peanut butter in it and think “I would eat just a container of these with no icecream.” 


…I shouldn’t blog at 1am XD