I don’t have a real job

Oh, some days I just love my family and how we mess with each other.  Haha conversations start pretty interestingly around here and it all started with a discussion about badge holders.  This sparked me to look online to see if there were any fox badge holders…not that I have a badge. xD so my sister’s response was “Well once you get a real job you totally need that!” 

Now we all knew what she meant, but my brother and I just had to laugh at that wording and I started joking about how my job is fake.  This of course leads my brother to come into the room saying “I KNEW you were faking this whole time!  You haven’t been going to work on the weekends you’ve been selling catnip on the black market!” 

XD so yeah guys, I don’t have a real job, I’m a drug dealer to cats on the black market.  True story.

Someone take this away from me.

Seriously someone just take the second half of my http://thepublisheroct.deviantart.com/ round away from me and post it.  I cannot seem to stop changing it!  Most of the changes have been in the last two days too! ” For goodness sake Kit the deadline is tomorrow leave it alone and post it already!” Is essentially what I keep telling myself but then I keep. changing. it. 

I’m certainly glad I changed it the first time from when I’d first started writing it, because it was so full of exposition and it felt like it was starting too much like my first round.  I’m trying to narrow down my exposition a little and jump more into the action.  Though right now my key worry in the second half is did I write too much, and did the tone change too much/too quickly? :/ bah I really just need to post it and let come what comes.  It’s so easy to start second guessing yourself but what’s the point in the end? Have confidence in your work, learn from your mistakes, that’s all we can do isn’t it?