To the wolf with love

Today is a very important someone’s birthday…ok well she’s very important to me.  Okami, aka Wolfesque, aka Wolfy ( ) has survived yet another year to turn yet another year older.  That in of itself has often times been a miracle all it’s own, and I couldn’t be happier to be able to wish one of my best friends a very happy birthday.


Okami I know we’ve been through a lot, both together and separately.  You’ve gone through hellish times and I’ve gone with you as closely as I could.   We’ve been through our good times too over these past…what…Thirteen years…fourteen? …What number are we even on? XD Regardless as your best friend and sister in all but blood, just remember through the rest of today that I love you Okami, no matter what life throws at us and the struggles we go through you’ll be stuck with me year after year as your bestie.  So here’s to another year, another birthday, and another sappy message from me! XD   Seriously Okami I hope you had a good one and I hope you always remember how much you mean to me.

So I walk into Neurobiology lab…

Ever had one of those weird days where you meet up with your friends and somehow you’re all wearing the same color?  Or you go to a family gathering and most everyone from your household walks out of the house in the same color dress clothes without even consulting each other? I’ve had a couple of those, but today I think, takes the cake.  I can understand accidentally co-ordinating with someone you’re really close to like friends or family, but when it happens that four students that hardly know each other do it? That’s kind of weird.  That’s not even the craziest part we all sat in the same row.  Seriously there were four of us taking up that row of chairs all in red, it was some kind of awesome. XD Our Professor giving us a surprised/disturbed look was just the absolute icing on the cake.


Being able to laugh like that in lab over something so silly as a coincidence really just made the day better.  It’s hard when you get down to the end of the semester, everything is suddenly due, finals are just around the corner, you’ve really got to grab onto those silly moments and let yourself relax.  Spending endless moments thinking about what has to be done, what’s around the corner, won’t get you anything but more stress.  Now I know it’s hard to set those things aside, believe me I do, but remember that you can’t do anything about the past or the future, only today.  So take things one step at a time, and enjoy life’s silly little moments when they come around.  Happy end of the semester students, rock your final projects and exams, I know you can do 😉


You know…this post turned out to be a lot more deep than I intended haha, yep taking care of this blog space is going to be fun.

Starting up

Hi all!  I’m just getting around to setting everything up here so bare with me as this blog goes through some construction and I try to find my way around.  But I’ll share a little bit about what I intend this blog to be, though first I should go through the basic introduction shouldn’t I?

As a general rule I go by my nickname Kit, I’m a stressed out college student on her fifth year, with the goal to make it to Veterinary school.  I spend my weekends working at an emergency Vet clinic as what amounts to a glorified janitor and love every minute of it.  I by no means think of myself as the smartest student (quite the opposite most days) but I have a passion for animals and want to spend my life taking care of them and being around them.  I also have a passion for encouraging people, wanting them to see the best in themselves and to strive for their goals right alongside me.  I love to read fantasy novels, watch anime, read comics, and play video games, so yes I am in fact a nerd/geek/whatever label you want to stick there, and yes I’ve even cosplayed (my readers will get to see pictures of my various costumes). I am also a writer and amateur artist and I love to talk about characters!  

But as we go you guys will learn more about me so let us move on to the point of all of this! My nice shiny new blog 🙂 My intent for this blog is fairly loose and disorganized right now, it will be a place I’ll use for posting doodles and discussing my characters, talking about school and the highs and lows of it, talking about the things I love to read/watch, and just life in general.  However on what I would like to be a monthly or bi-monthly basis I’d like to write an encouragement blog entry.  This will be a more focused, more serious post with words of encouragement for various things I’ve been through, or have seen people go through.  This could be anything from school and family, to dealing with friends who self injure or major life changes.

I’d also very much like this blog to be as interactive as possible, I want to have discussions, to talk to people and let you guys tell me what you want encouragement in, or what you’d like to hear next about! As I get more set up I’ll be posting a list of what I’d like to be my upcoming blogs, but suggestions are happily welcomed.  Keep in mind though I can really only talk about things I know so I can’t really talk about a specific anime or book if I haven’t watch or read, but if you’d like to hear more about what I like to read/watch THAT I can do 🙂